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aboutBorn 1980 in Barcelona and educated for 8 years in flamenco, classical Spanish dances and castanets, by the age of 15 I decided to devote myself to the arts of classical and modern dance with Laura Mas as my main teacher. At 16 I participated in the Prix de Lausanne, an international competition for young talented dancers.  From 13 to 18 I combined training and stage experience as a member of two youth companies, where I had the opportunity to work with distinguished professionals.  At 19 I started my professional career, working for various dance companies in Austria, France and Germany.

During a long 7 years pause from professional dancing I studied at the arts school Llotja de Barcelona and graduated as a graphic designer.  I then worked professionally both as a graphic designer as well as dance teacher.  Motivated by the wish to go back ‘on stage’, I have been working as a photo model and acting in music videos, short films and publicity.

In 2011 I left Spain once again to work as a dancer in several productions, whilst maintaining my occupation as a graphic designer.  During that time, my passion for photography was revived and soon became another of my professions.

From that moment onwards I have worked as a freelance dancer, dance teacher, graphic designer, photographer, model and actress, although since 2015 the main focus has been on graphic design & photography.

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